Morgue Overrun by Drug Deaths

Morgue Overrun by Drug Deaths

( – The number of drug overdose deaths has continued to skyrocket over the past few years. According to the CDC, 100,306 occurred within the 12-month period preceding April 2021. The synthetic opiate fentanyl is at least partially to blame for the increases. More people become addicted to the substance every day, triggering a problem that is now so severe, the number of dead bodies is starting to overwhelm morgues in some areas of the US.

An article recently published by 770KTH details comments by Seattle-King County Public Health Director Dr. Faisal Khan, who spoke out about the situation during a meeting of the region’s board of health. Khan admitted that King County was running out of space to store corpses and that fatal fentanyl overdoses were contributing to the significant overflow. “They have finite space in the coolers they use,” he explained.

According to overdose data from King County, 1,019 people died directly from drug overdoses in 2022. That’s more than double the number of deaths recorded in 2020. At least 690 of those cases involved fentanyl.

Numbers for the current year-to-date don’t seem much better. Thirty-seven people have died after overdosing on some kind of opiate since January. That’s more than one death per day.

These losses come at a time when the county is already struggling to cope with fatalities stemming from other causes.

A spokesperson for Public Health noted that the county has temporary solutions in place to deal with the surge. It’s reportedly working with funeral homes and storing the bodies on autopsy gurneys. However, the same individual said the county is actively working to develop longer-term solutions.

Seattle isn’t the only region to witness an increase in drug-related deaths. In fact, these losses have become an epidemic in their own right, and the problem is still growing.

According to Dr. Khan, white powder fentanyl and phony pills sold on the street as other substances may also play a role in the surge in deaths. But where is it all coming from?

Some experts blame Biden for enacting weak policies, which they feel allow criminals free rein to transport deadly narcotics across the border. They often suggest tightening security at critical crossing points and regions where cartels are most active. Others believe the focus must be on ensuring that the addicted get the treatment they need to recover. In the meantime, bereaved mothers, fathers, sons and daughters continue to grieve.

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