Mike Pompeo Defends Trump In Fiery Speech

Mike Pompeo Remarks on Trump's Accomplishments

(RepublicanReport.com) – If you read, watch, or listen to mainstream news media regularly, you’ll know just how scathing most of the coverage is of President Trump. Of course, the bias that prevails among the major publications often makes it difficult to hear about the positive things the president has accomplished.

On Tuesday, January 12, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo joined Hugh Hewitt for an interview via teleconference. Pompeo took the opportunity to discuss some of President Trump’s most significant achievements, celebrating the work his administration had done to promote “reality, sovereignty, [and] respect for basic dignity and human rights.”

The Abraham Accords provide perhaps the best example of this work. Despite the tense atmosphere that has prevailed in the Middle East for decades, Trump’s administration managed to promote successful peace agreements between Israel and her neighbors. Pompeo did not discuss the agreements at length during the interview, but the administration was a key player in their negotiations.

Pompeo also discussed Trump’s no-nonsense attitude toward China. While he did not comment on the likely differences under a possible Joe Biden administration, he stressed the importance of having a “robust response” to the dangerous policies of the Chinese Communist Party.

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