Microsoft Calls for New Tech Laws

Microsoft Calls for New Tech Laws

( – Australia has recently grabbed headlines around the world for its new rules compelling tech platforms to pay media organizations for news content. Google has signed contracts with major news platforms to honor the new laws.

Facebook took the opposite approach last week, blocking news content for all its Australian users. The platform agreed to restore the content on February 23 following negotiations with Australia.

Now, Microsoft has joined a growing campaign to persuade European lawmakers to introduce similar rules for the EU. On Monday, February 22, the IT giant announced it was joining with leading European press groups to push for the change. If implemented, this would boost media organizations greatly, offering them a means of funding quality news content without resorting to clickbait.

Microsoft’s backing of this movement could be tactical. As noted in the tweet below, the company could benefit if there’s pushback from its tech industry competitors. Microsoft already pays some publishers for news content.

It’s unclear how Facebook’s executives will react if other nations start adding new regulations to news content. However, if companies like Microsoft and Google are more willing to play ball, Mark Zuckerberg’s social media giant might have no choice but to accept the change as well.

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