Michelle Obama Not Campaigning for Biden Over Treatment of Her Friend

(RepublicanReport.org) – Former President Barack Obama has been a prominent figure in President Joe Biden’s campaign for re-election. He’s attended several fundraising events and has spoken out about his support for his former VP to continue running the country beyond 2024. Former First Lady Michelle Obama has been less prominent on the campaign trail, and recent speculation indicated she was frustrated with the Biden family.

On June 27, Axios released an exclusive report stating that multiple people familiar with the matter revealed that Mrs. Obama didn’t like how Hunter Biden’s ex-wife, Kathleen Buhle, was treated by the Biden family after her messy divorce. Ms. Buhle is reportedly a close friend of the former first lady. Michelle Obama reportedly said she believed her friend was wronged, leading to tension between Mrs. Obama and the Bidens, which allegedly accounts for her absence during campaign events and lack of public support on social media.

After the Axios report came out and speculation swirled, the former first lady came out to dispel the circulating rumors. Mrs. Obama’s spokesperson, Crystal Carson, told Axios that the former first lady fully supports the president’s campaign for re-election. She said Michelle Obama is “friends with Kathleen and with the Bidens,” adding, “Two things can be true.”

White House spokesperson Andrew Bates also responded publicly to the Axios report. He confirmed that the Obamas and Bidens “are like family to one another.” Bates said whoever is stating anything different about their “relationship [simply] isn’t familiar with it.” In fact, First Lady Jill Biden recently attended Michelle Obama’s mother’s funeral, showing the bond between them and their families. Mrs. Obama’s mom, Marian Robinson, died at the end of May. She lived with the Obamas while Barack Obama was president and Biden was his VP.

While Michelle Obama hasn’t stated why she’s shied away from the Biden campaign trail, First Lady Jill Biden stated in a March interview that she thinks the former first lady has “had it with politics.”

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