Michael Flynn Announces New Amendments to Sidney Powell Cases (REPORT)

Michael Flynn Announces New Amendments to Sidney Powell Cases (REPORT)

(RepublicanReport.com) – Sidney Powell has been one of the foremost legal experts disputing the narrative that Joe Biden won the presidential election. Despite growing insistence from the mainstream media that Biden is our president-elect, Powell isn’t giving up hope.

On Saturday, November 28, Gen. (Ret.) Michael Flynn appeared on WVW-TV for his first public interview since President Trump pardoned him. During the program, he announced Powell intends to file two amendments to existing election lawsuits in Georgia and Michigan.

The Trump campaign announced earlier this month that Sidney Powell was not part of its legal team. Some perceived this as a sign of disagreement between the two parties. However, Powell has stated her commitment to unearthing the truth behind this year’s election on behalf of the American public, regardless of her relationship with the administration.

Clearly, the attorney is a devoted patriot who wants the best for this country. It’s too early to say whether her legal efforts will bear fruit in terms of the outcome of the election. However, we’re lucky to have someone like Powell fighting in our corner against the corrupt elements of the American ruling class.

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