Melania Trump Says She “Unapologetically” Supports Gay Republicans

Melania Trump Says She

( – There’s often a perception that those who lean to the right have something against the LGBTQ community. Critics comment that the traditional, religious roots of the conservative movement are incompatible with the lifestyle choices of gay people. Of course, the reality is very different. In recent years, more and more senior commentators and politicians on the Right have been coming out as gay.

Now, the First Lady has voiced her support for gay Republicans. On Friday, October 30, Melania Trump released a video discussing the place of LGBTQ people in the Republican Party, as well as her husband’s support of them.

She said Donald Trump was the first president to appoint a gay cabinet member and the first enter the White House supporting gay marriage. She further stated he has always sought to treat gay people equally. FLOTUS went on to condemn the discrimination gay conservatives face from those who espouse “cancel culture.”

The idea of an association between conservatism and homophobia is entirely outdated in 2020. Of course, that hasn’t stopped the Left from using it as a weapon during debates and campaigns. If declarations like this one are what’s required to defeat this idea for good, then we applaud Melania Trump for making it.

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