McDonald’s Announces Plans to Permanently Leave Russia

McDonald's Announces Plans to Permanently Leave Russia

McDonald’s PULLING OUT – They’re DONE!

( – Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has been very costly for the former country on several fronts. Nations around the world have panned the military campaign and imposed harsh sanctions on the Russian government and powerful nationals. Now, a massive international corporation has announced plans to leave the country for good.

On Monday, May 16, the McDonald’s Corporation published a statement announcing its intention to cease operations in Russia after more than three decades in the country. This revelation comes after a previous announcement by the company in March in which it indicated it was temporarily pausing its business in the country in light of the situation in Ukraine. McDonald’s will now sell all its existing businesses in Russia.

The statement quoted McDonald’s CEO and President Chris Kempczinski, who noted the company was “proud” of the employees and suppliers involved in its Russian businesses. Kempczinski said the “dedication and loyalty” of those individuals and entities made the decision a hard one, but insisted withdrawing from Russia was the only appropriate step to take.

McDonald’s outlets in Ukraine are currently closed, but the company is paying all the staff of those restaurants full salaries. Also, the company is continuing to support aid efforts in conjunction with Ronald McDonald House Charities, a nonprofit aligned with the corporation.

Do you think this is the right move by McDonald’s?

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