Mark Levin Says Marxism Has Infiltrated the American Empire

Mark Levin Says Marxism Has Infiltrated the American Empire

( – Marxism is a theory of economics and politics that first arose in the mid-19th century, and political figures across the globe have been modifying and interpreting it in various ways ever since. In modern-day America, Marxism is closely associated with socialism, a system advocating cultural uniformity and redistribution of wealth. These are not ideas that Conservatives share.

On Sunday, June 27, podcaster Mark Levin launched into a deep discussion about Marxism and the forms it’s currently taking in the United States. He focused on the example of critical race theory, which, he said, is a “Marxist movement.” He warned that CRT is not about what its proponents pretend it is; instead, he claimed, it’s designed to unseat the “white dominant American society.”

Levin is the latest in a series of high-profile opponents of critical race theory. The controversial hypothesis has featured heavily in the news recently as politicians across the country debate its merits. As of June 29, twenty-six states have attempted to limit the extent to which CRT can be taught in schools.

Levin brought home his argument by pointing out that Marxism has never worked and has previously resulted in “the slaughtering of tens of millions.” Why he wondered, would we want that for “the greatest nation on… earth?”

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