Mark Levin Calls Out Joe Biden

Mark Levin Calls Out Joe Biden

( – With over two months under his belt in the White House, President Joe Biden is starting to attract real criticism. His handling of the crisis on the southwest border, and, more recently, his controversial executive actions on gun control, have made many people unhappy.

On Sunday, April 11, Fox News contributor Mark Levin called out the president for another reason; his dishonesty. He accused Joe Biden of being a “chameleon,” and a politician “without a principle bone in his body.”

This comes just a few weeks after Levin slammed Biden on “The Mark Levin Show,” calling him a “wrecking ball” and a “liar.”

More recently, Levin claimed that Biden has “been saying many, many hateful things” about people who oppose him politically. He went on to accuse the president of plagiarizing his speeches from figures such as Neil Kinnock and Robert Kennedy.

Levin then opined that Biden’s political persona was a fabrication designed to gain power, stating he had “lurched hard left.” He continued that the president would do “whatever it takes to promote Joe Biden and his legacy.”

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