Leaked DOCUMENTS Reveal What Biden Is Secretly Working On!

Joe Biden Is Reportedly Secretly Working To Transport Illegals, Leaked Documents Show

Joe Biden Is Reportedly Secretly Working To Transport Illegals, Leaked Documents Show

(RepublicanReport.org) – It’s no secret President Joe Biden’s policies have created major challenges in terms of border control. State leaders have increasingly sought to push back against his administration’s laissez-faire approach to immigration, with the Republican governors of Texas and Arizona sending migrants to Washington, DC, and elsewhere by the thousands. Now, an explosive new report from the Gateway Pundit has claimed Biden is currently planning to make life easier for Afghan refugees in the US.

The report cites a leaked letter from the State Department allegedly describing a scheme to settle refugees from Afghanistan who were displaced following a botched drone attack in Kabul last August. Officials initially indicated the strike had successfully targeted terrorists associated with the ISIS-K organization. However, this later turned out to be inaccurate. The 10 individuals who died, including 7 children, had no apparent affiliation with the terrorist group.

The Gateway Pundit article states the families benefiting from this program will be given food, accommodation, and assistance with their medical requirements to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars each. Their transit to the US will be paid for, as will their expenses related to their resettlement for up to three months. Subsequently, they will be eligible for financial benefits to help them pay for food, living expenses, and education.

Do you think this is fair at a time when so many Americans are struggling?

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