Lawyer’s Home Targeted in Anti-Trump Attack

Lawyer's Home Targeted in Anti-Trump Attack

( – Former President Donald Trump was acquitted in his Senate impeachment trial on Saturday, February 13. As the majority of Senators voted along party lines, this shouldn’t have been a cause for surprise; however, there was still outrage among left-leaning commentators when the news broke.

Predictably, some of this outrage was expressed in an ugly fashion. Hours after the conclusion of the trial, a vandal spray-painted the word “traitor” on the sidewalk outside Trump lawyer Michael Van der Veen’s Philadelphia home.

Van der Veen has not made a statement about the vandalism. However, he did give a live interview on CBS News shortly after the impeachment trial in which he launched a scathing attack on the media, denouncing mainstream outlets as being “bloodthirsty for ratings.”

Whatever your views are on Donald Trump, it should be clear that this type of protest has no place in a civilized society. Michael Van der Veen is a lawyer who provided the former president with his professional services, the same services which anyone is entitled to when accused of wrongdoing. Neither he nor his family should have to endure this kind of treatment.

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