Lawmakers to End Police Bill of Rights as Democrats Take Over

Lawmakers to End Police Bill Of Rights As Democrats Take Over

( – A number of campaigns aimed at changing the way our police forces operate sprang into action last year after the death of George Floyd. More extreme voices even suggested abolishing the police entirely.

Now, it appears some of these campaigns may be coming to fruition. On Saturday, April 10, Maryland’s legislature voted to repeal the state’s police Bill of Rights. It’s the first American state, out of 20 with this type of legislation, to effect this change.

This was just one part of a sweeping change to laws about policing in Maryland. Republican Governor Larry Hogan issued three vetoes to the legislation, but the General Assembly overrode all three. While vetoing the measures, Hogan stated they would “erode police morale, community relationships, and public confidence.”

With the passage of these new laws, Maryland’s law enforcement officers will now be subject to more severe penalties for misconduct. The civil liability limit for police officers has been extended from $490,000 to $800,000, and officers convicted of using excessive force leading to serious injury or death could be imprisoned for up to 10 years.

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