Lawmakers Rally Against Cuomo

Lawmakers Rally Against Cuomo

( – The pressure on New York’s Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo continues to mount. Three women, two of whom worked in his office, have now come forward to accuse him of inappropriate behavior. His alleged offenses range from untoward comments and questions to unwanted kissing and touching. His administration is also facing severe criticism for an alleged large-scale cover-up of COVID-19 deaths in nursing homes.

Now, legislators from both sides of the aisle are turning on him. On Wednesday, March 3, OAN published a report on the various political moves that have been made against the governor. Both chambers of the New York legislature agreed to strip Cuomo of his emergency powers related to COVID-19. Also, six state senators have penned a letter to lawmakers imploring them to impeach the governor.

Among Cuomo’s harshest critics is Democratic New York State Senator Alessandra Biaggi. She posted the following tweet late last week.

Though Andrew Cuomo has yet to be convicted of any wrongdoing, his position is beginning to look increasingly untenable. We’ll update you with new information on this story as it emerges.

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