Lawmakers Pass New Election Reform Laws to Promote Integrity

Lawmakers Pass New Election Reform Laws to Protect Elections

( After the controversy that accompanied last year’s presidential election, many states have been scrambles to update voting legislation. Republican lawmakers have been especially keen to tighten up the rules on absentee voting and voter ID issues.

On Monday, March 29, Kentucky’s General Assembly passed a bipartisan bill to tighten election security and improve voter access. The bill, which passed 91-3, will become law if signed by Governor Andy Beshear (D).

HB 574 grants three days of early in-person voting. Republican members initially rejected Democratic proposals of weeks of early voting before the two sides agreed on three days. The legislation also allows voters to fix absentee ballots that have been rejected.

This election bill is unusual in the current climate because it came about from cross-party cooperation. In other states, such as Georgia, debates about election reform have liberals and conservatives bitterly divided.

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