LA Sheriff Says “Wokeism” Must Go for the City to Be Livable Again

LA Sheriff Says

LA Sheriff Points Out What’s REALLY Destroying His City — And Liberals Are Furious

( – So-called “woke” values have been controversial in the United States for some time now. Radical leftists have proposed increasingly outlandish ideas as being necessary for the promotion of social justice, but ordinary Americans are pushing back more and more. One senior police officer in Los Angeles, California, is now blaming “wokeism” for the rampant crime issues facing his city.

Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva said those in favor of defunding the police have contributed massively to the problems with homelessness and criminality in his city. The sheriff highlighted that officials in his city have spent $6.5 billion on addressing the homelessness crisis over the last 10 years, but the number of homeless individuals in LA has increased from 39,000 to 83,000 during that time.

The Board of Supervisors in LA County has been at odds with Sheriff Villanueva in recent months over his position on COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

Villanueva said his main goal for 2022 is to make the city of Los Angeles livable again. To achieve it, he says, banishing wokeness to the history books is essential.

Do you think woke culture is on its way out of American society, or is the worst still to come?

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