Key Moments From Donald Trump’s Pennsylvania Rally

( – Former President Donald Trump recently traveled to Pennsylvania to speak at a rally, where he slammed his rivals and insisted those among the GOP back out of the race. He called upon his right-wing competitors to stop wasting Republican dollars on anyone but him, so they might create a united front against the current commander-in-chief, Joe Biden. The MAGA leader used a few choice words to describe his liberal opponent, emphasizing the importance of toppling the liberal frontrunner.

Trump went aggressively against everyone currently challenging him for the Oval Office. He called Biden a “dumb son of a b****,” according to Newsweek. He added that the current president’s performance was well below par during a time when other world leaders appeared to be at their very best.

The attacks also extended to every Republican competing for their party’s presidential nomination. Trump claimed Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ (R) campaign was all but finished and insisted that a comeback on his part would be one for the books. He called the lot of his GOP rivals “clowns,” slamming them for taking up valuable funds that might otherwise go toward organized efforts to ensure his own victory.

Trump condemned congressional Republicans, as well, for failing to impeach Biden. He insisted members have plenty of information, yet they haven’t done anything to proceed with the investigation. The 45th president threatened to push out members who aren’t contributing to the effort by endorsing other, more capable party members during the next midterms. Trump also vowed to appoint a special prosecutor to delve deep into the Biden family business if he wins the 2024 presidential election.

GOP challenger Nikki Haley has had enough. She views Trump’s ongoing drama as a concerning distraction and believes the country is due for “a new generation leader.” With court dates looming and his legal issues growing, however, the former president will likely remain as vocal as ever.

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