Kevin McCarthy Says Trump Stronger Than in 2016

Kevin McCarthy Says Trump Stronger Than in 2016

( – On the morning of June 27, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) appeared on “Squawk Box” to talk about domestic and foreign issues facing the United States. During that interview, the host asked the speaker if he thought former President Donald Trump could beat President Joe Biden in the 2024 election. Although McCarthy affirmed this, the legislator also said he wasn’t sure Trump was the “strongest to win.”

Later that day, the House speaker spoke with Breitbart News, telling them that Trump is “stronger today than he was in 2016,” citing a recent poll. The survey from Morning Consult showed the former US leader beating Biden by three points. According to the poll, a whopping 76% of Republican voters asked had a favorable opinion of Trump — more than all of the other GOP candidates — despite his legal woes. He also dominates the list of candidates with 57%. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) is the closest behind him, with only 19%.

The poll surveyed 3,650 potential Republican primary voters.

Former White House chief strategist and current talk show host Steve Bannon reacted strongly to McCarthy’s recent assessments of the former president and his chances in 2024. He slammed the speaker for implying that Trump’s policies were strong, but the man himself might be less so. Bannon seemed furious with McCarthy, declaring that Trump made a “mistake” by backing him as speaker of the House and the legislator is paying him back by “putting the shiv in every frickin’ second of every day.”

According to Business Insider, 10 senators and 62 members of the House have formally backed Trump for president. That said, many GOP members are still sitting on the sidelines as the former US leader deals with his ongoing legal issues. McCarthy is one House member missing from the list of Trump supporters. It’s unclear when or if the speaker will formally endorse the previous president for another stint in the White House.

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