Kevin McCarthy Makes Big Promise to Americans

Kevin McCarthy Makes Big Promise to Americans

Kevin McCarthy Makes Special PROMISE To Voters

( – Many analysts are expecting a “red wave” in the midterm elections this November. The main reasons are razor-thin margins in both chambers of Congress and serious issues plaguing Americans under Democratic stewardship. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) recently gave an exclusive interview with Fox News Digital in which he discussed how his party is approaching its campaign.

McCarthy stressed the ways in which Democrats have failed to come through for the American people, by not focusing on immigration and inflation, the two biggest issues currently plaguing the country. He said Republicans were gaining popularity because the party “puts people before politics.” The House minority leader promised if he retakes the majority, he’ll implement policies to make energy more affordable, lower crime rates, and get the border back under control.

While Republicans’ high expectations are indeed justified on the basis of technical analysis, it’s not all sunshine and roses. According to a recent analysis from MarketWatch, the GOP’s prospects in the Senate have dipped considerably; there was an 80% chance of their reclaiming control of the upper house in June, but that has since dropped to 63%. Things are looking much better in the House, where Conservatives have reportedly retained an 86% chance of taking the reins.

How do you see things going for Republicans this November?

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