Kamala Harris’s Terrible First Year

Kamala Harris's Terrible First Year

(RepublicanReport.org) – President Joe Biden has attracted his fair share of criticism over the many catastrophes that have arisen during his first year in office, as well as his apparent inability to deal with them. His second-in-command has flown under the radar to a much greater extent, but Vice President Kamala Harris has also had her share of embarrassing mishaps.

Harris’ latest gaffe involves a video in which she extols the benefits of space exploration to a group of schoolchildren. Critics have slammed her performance as overly enthusiastic and have also noted that child actors were involved rather than ordinary children. You can see a clip of the footage in the tweet below.

This  is just the latest in a series of embarrassments for the VP this year. The president appointed her to take charge of the crisis on our southern border in March. Still, she failed to take any apparent substantive action to make things better on the ground and laughed off suggestions she wasn’t taking the matter seriously enough. More recently, she congratulated a student for speaking her “truth” after the young woman accused Israel of ethnic genocide.

Some analysts tout Kamala Harris as the likely successor to an allegedly ailing Joe Biden, potentially as soon as the next presidential election in 2024. However, her growing list of gaffes will do her no favors in this regard.

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