Kamala Harris Wants to Create More “Good-Paying” Jobs, Despite Surplus of Jobs in America

Kamala Harris Wants to Create More

(RepublicanReport.org) – Since the end of the most serious phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been significant confusion around what’s going on in our economy, and specifically the jobs market. Though unemployment rates are high, employers are struggling to fill positions as people quit their roles in large numbers. Unfortunately, the subtleties of this situation appear to elude Vice President Kamala Harris.

This week, Vice President Harris is in North Carolina alongside Labor Secretary Marty Walsh to talk about topics concerning the Biden administration’s financial backing of new union jobs. Harris, and other administration officials, appear to be making the case the economy is in need of good-quality jobs. But unfortunately, this narrative ignores the reality that there’s already an abundance of such jobs in the United States; companies just can’t get workers to fill them.

Statistics show demand for workers is now similar to what it was before the pandemic. However, the supply of labor is very different. The numbers show fewer individuals are willing to join the workforce now than at the beginning of 2020, leaving employers in difficult situations across the country. Yet, according to Harris, what we need is more jobs.

What is the Biden Administration’s angle here?

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