Kamala Harris Takes Role Of Tie-Breaker, Strips Power From GOP

Kamala Harris Strips Power From GOP as Senate Tie-Breaker

(RepublicanReport.com) – Georgia’s runoff elections for the Senate, which took place on Tuesday, January 5, brought disappointing results for conservative voters in the state. Both sitting Republican Senators were unseated. Unfortunately, that outcome had far broader implications as well.

Going forward, the US Senate will be split 50/50 between Liberals and Conservatives. Because the vice-president has the deciding vote in a Senate deadlock, should she take office, Kamala Harris will be able to favor the Democrats any time there’s a stalemate in the chamber. As Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) outlines in the video below, this has concerning implications for conservative interests in different areas.

Though Democrats suffered surprising losses in the House elections in 2020, they still retain a majority in that chamber as well. This means they will soon hold power in both houses of Congress, and possibly, the White House.

The extent to which Democrats could wield power in Washington, DC for the next two years should worry Conservatives. We can only hope they will not get the chance to pass excessively radical legislation between now and the midterm elections in 2022.

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