Kamala Harris Says Mass Amnesty for Illegals Is Her Biggest Goal

Kamala Harris Says Mass Amnesty for Illegals Is Her Biggest Goal

(RepublicanReport.org) – It’s no secret the current leaders of the Democratic Party are soft on immigration. Since the beginning of the Biden administration, huge numbers of undocumented migrants have poured across the southwest border each month. You’d think the party would at least consider changing its tack given the disastrous statistics around immigration; however, Vice President Kamala Harris appears to be taking the opposite approach.

On Wednesday, February 2, she blamed Congress for impeding progress on immigration reform in response to a question about why Latinos should vote Democratic in upcoming elections. She reminded reporters the White House had sent an immigration reform bill to Congress shortly after President Joe Biden got into the Oval Office. But, unsurprisingly, GOP lawmakers did not get behind the legislation.

The bill would have offered amnesty to 11 million people currently living in the US as illegal immigrants. Furthermore, it would have broadly loosened requirements around green cards and visas for family migration.

Essentially, what Kamala Harris said was Latino voters should back her party because Democrats will facilitate illegal immigration. Or, they would facilitate it if Republican lawmakers would let them.

How much longer can Harris and other key Biden administration officials keep pretending their laissez-faire immigration strategy is going to work?

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