Kamala Harris Claims Spy Balloon Shouldn’t Impact US Relations With China

Kamala Harris Claims Spy Balloon Shouldn't Impact US Relations With China

(RepublicanReport.org) – Americans have taken to watching the skies recently after a US F-22 Raptor shot down a balloon that officials have confirmed to be a Chinese surveillance device. Many wonder what implications the incident will have on the relationship between America and its largest adversary, China. Vice President Kamala Harris says it shouldn’t be too big of a deal.

It’ll Be Fine

Harris recently spoke to POLITICO via telephone for an exclusive interview, during which the outlet asked if she felt the US shooting down the balloon would harm US-China relations, to which she replied in the negative. The vice president’s comments came nearly two weeks after the incident that saw an American aircraft take the balloon out over the South Carolina coast.

Harris’ comments also mark the first substantial and public efforts from the White House to prevent the deterioration of US-China relations that have already been run through the wringer. When POLITICO asked the vice president what the administration’s approach was, Harris mentioned that they’re seeking competition, not looking to create “conflict or confrontation.” She said recent incidents have been “very consistent” with their desired approach.

The vice president is scheduled to travel to Munich, Germany, where she will attend the Security Conference. However, she has no intention of speaking with Wang Yi, the Chinese Foreign Minister, who will also be attending the event.

Strained Relations

The US and China are fierce competitors on several fronts, but the two countries try to remain diplomatic regarding one another. But the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been pushing its luck in recent years. Relations between America and its top adversary have been tense. The recent destruction of the spy balloon, which the CCP claims was a rogue weather balloon, has only added to the strain.

Lawmakers on both sides have come together to condemn China and its response to the US decision to take down their craft. Additionally, many Americans and legislators have begun to realize another threat, a wolf in sheep’s clothing known as TikTok. While the app appears to be fun and a great way for people to interact with each other, both federal and state governments have expressed security concerns surrounding the social media platform, some with nationwide implications.

Additionally, the US and China have been at odds over Taiwan. The CCP insists the island nation is a part of itself and has expressed that it may possibly use force to reclaim it. Meanwhile, the US has voiced its support for Taiwan’s sovereignty. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has added to concerns that China may use the opportunity to invade the island nation to regain control.

Could the recent incidents push US-China relations to their breaking point? While anything is possible, the two countries have been in diplomatic disagreements for decades but have maintained tight economic ties. Abandoning them would certainly create quite an economic fallout

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