Kamala Harris Blasted Over Speech During Space Force Briefing

Kamala Harris Blasted Over Speech During Space Force Briefing

(RepublicanReport.org) – Vice President Kamala Harris spoke to US Space Force troops this week in a new attempt to repair her battered reputation. Unfortunately for her, it wasn’t the triumphant relaunch she hoped to get. Now she’s being slammed for insulting her audience.

On April 18, Harris visited Vandenberg Space Force Base in southern California for a briefing on the US Space Force. While she was there, she spoke to personnel from the base — and that’s where it all went wrong. Apparently forgetting that she was talking to professional warriors who specialize in military space technology, she made comments that some felt would have been more appropriate for educating grade schoolers about NASA.

Video of Harris’s remarks shows her telling uniformed troops that “Space is exciting!” She went on to say that space “forces us to ask big questions.” That’s great inspirational content for a young audience, but the US Space Force isn’t about being excited or asking big questions — it’s a deadly serious organization responsible for protecting the US from high-tech weapons and foreign spy agencies.

Harris continued on the same line, and now, she’s being mocked by journalists and commentators. For instance, Columnist and author Rupa Subramanya sarcastically tweeted that she’d be lost without Harris’s “deeply profound and valuable insights,” while Republican National Committee official Tommy Piggot asked if she thought “the Space Force doesn’t know what space is.”

Meanwhile, one critic on Twitter deadpanned that she was “talking to members of the military like they’re five-year-olds.”

So far, nobody from the US Space Force has commented on the VP’s remarks.

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