Just in Case It Goes South, These Are the Items to Hoard

Just in Case it Goes South, These Are the Items to Hoard

(RepublicanReport.org) – These days, it seems like there’s a growing number of threats to our continued survival as a species. Every day we hear about the possibility of world wars, climate catastrophes, and other doomsday events. While we all hope none of these will actually come to pass in the immediate future, there’s no harm in being adequately prepared for the worst.

We’ve taken a look at the most important things a family needs to keep in the home to make sure necessities are there if things get ugly.

Food & Water

These are the most obvious first inclusions on any doomsday list. Whether it’s a zombie apocalypse or a nuclear war, no one can make it too long unless there’s water to drink and food to eat.

There’s no guarantee running water will be drinkable if a catastrophe strikes, so bottled water is probably a good idea. How much you need depends on family size and storage room space in a doomsday shelter. Humans use a lot of water, and water takes up a lot of room.

In terms of food, items that don’t perish quickly and offer plenty of sustenance and nutrition are critical. Dried fruits, jerkies, nuts, seeds, energy bars, and other such products should be on the list. If the shelter has cooking facilities, pasta and rice are also probably a good idea.

Hygiene Supplies

Poor sanitation can be a killer when people are confined to small, poorly-equipped spaces for extended periods of time. Therefore, having the necessary hygiene items for the family is an absolute necessity to keep the doomsday space clean and hygienic.

Don’t forget soap, toothpaste and toothbrushes, and feminine hygiene products for one’s own personal cleanliness. Household cleaning products will also come in handy to make sure surroundings remain livable; bleach is essential for keeping surfaces, as well as your clothes, clean.

And, of course, a family is going to go through plenty of toilet paper.


Aside from the obvious things, there are a few items one should probably have on hand that might not immediately spring to mind.

Duct tape, for example, is an excellent resource for a quick fix. Rubbing alcohol works wonders for minor injuries and can also help light fires. Use charcoal as cooking fuel, as it’s more versatile than propane and also safer to store. Finally, some amount of cash in small bills is probably a good idea, as electronic payment systems will likely crash in the event of a real calamity.

Are there any crucial doomsday items we forgot to mention?

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