Jonathan Turley Calls Removal of Trump by 25th Amendment a Dangerous Move

Jonathan Turley Says 25th Amendment Removal of Trump Is Dangerous

( – No sooner had the dust settled on the events of Wednesday, January 6, than the familiar calls for Donald Trump’s removal from office began. Mainstream media commentators suggested Trump’s cabinet should invoke the 25th Amendment against him, for what they perceived as his incitement of violence. Others raised the possibility of impeachment.

With just two weeks left until Joe Biden’s scheduled inauguration, this conversation is a largely pointless one. Not only that, however, it’s also potentially dangerous, according to Fox News contributor and legal scholar Jonathan Turley.

Turley reminded viewers that the 25th Amendment is designed to unseat a president who’s mentally incapacitated to the extent he or she can no longer execute the duties of the office. If that standard is lowered to the point where perceived “character faults” can meet it, he said, it will set a highly problematic precedent going forward.

Even if the 25th Amendment were invoked, the process would take the support of the Vice President and a Cabinet majority. Impeachment proceedings would likely take at least a number of weeks. Regardless of what others in Washington, DC might think, the president is likely to complete his first term in the White House.

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