Joe Biden’s New Rule Could Affect Married Couples

Joe Biden's New Rule Could Affect Married Couples

( – The Biden administration’s recent fumbling on immigration issues has drawn attention away from some of its other problematic policies. Now, however, President Joe Biden’s proposed infrastructure bill is finding itself in the spotlight, especially in light of his pledge to fund it with raised taxes on high earners.

On Tuesday, April 6, Fox Business published a report that questioned the effect his proposed tax hike will have on married couples. According to a recent White House statement, the proposed earnings threshold of $400,000 for the charge will apply equally regardless of whether you file as a single or married person. This means married families with two high earners could potentially be punished.

As outlined in the video above, this tax increase could end up discouraging high-earning couples from marrying. Along with the growing trend of cohabiting couples choosing to remain unmarried anyway, a tax policy shift like this could accelerate the arrangement and contribute to a change in the traditional American family unit.

That being said, a handful of Democrats are against this aspect of the proposed infrastructure bill and may not support it.

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