Joe Biden Clarifies Stance on Russia/Ukraine War

Joe Biden Clarifies Stance on Russia/Ukraine War

Biden’s Ukraine Plan – Will Putin See US As WEAK?

( – In March, an angry President Joe Biden made a shocking remark during a speech in Warsaw, Poland. Speaking about the war on Ukraine, the POTUS declared that Russian President Vladimir Putin could not “remain in power.” Two months later, Biden has aimed to clarify his stance on Russia and the conflict.

In a May 31 op-ed for The New York Times, Biden explained what the US would and would not do when it comes to Ukraine. He said the United States’ goal is to “see a democratic, independent, sovereign and prosperous Ukraine” with the ability to defend itself. To that end, America has provided and will continue to provide the weapons Ukraine needs to fight back against the invasion. Biden will continue working with European allies to sanction Russia and reinforce NATO’s eastern border. He also promised he would not pressure Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to concede any territory.

As for what the US is not willing to do, Biden said he has no plans to engage US troops in the conflict. Further, despite his comments in March, which the White House previously clarified as him saying he felt Putin shouldn’t have power over neighboring countries, he doesn’t intend to try to oust Putin and won’t “prolong the war just to inflict pain on Russia.”

The president finished his op-ed by trying to calm those around the world who believe Putin might use nuclear force. He said the US has not seen any indication it’s likely to happen. However, he made it clear the use of such weapons would be met with “severe consequences.”

Are you satisfied with the president’s response to the conflict and his plan moving forward?

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