Joe Biden Caught Saying There’s “Nothing Special About Being an American”

Joe Biden Caught Saying There's

( – Anti-American sentiment, especially from figures on the Left, is nothing new. We hear more and more nowadays about our country’s perceived failings. Ordinarily, though, most people running for major offices have the sense to keep thoughts like these to themselves, at least until after the election.

However, Joe Biden is not “most people.” On Wednesday, October 14, footage emerged of an address he gave at Harvard University in 2014, while he was vice president. During his speech, which focused on international unity and promoted globalist policies, he said there was “nothing special about being an American.” He also stated there was no clear definition of what an American was because of the ethnic and cultural differences within the country.

Given Biden’s track record of promoting irresponsible immigration policies, these views should hardly come as a surprise.

Over the last four years, we’ve heard near-ceaseless criticism of President Donald Trump. Despite this, a lack of patriotism is one accusation nobody has been able to level at him. It appears this election has become a choice between a man who puts his country first at every turn and one who thinks America is “nothing special.”

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