Joe Biden Accused of Violating Logan Act (REPORT)

Joe Biden Accused of Violating Logan Act (REPORT)

( – Mainstream media outlets continue to insist Joe Biden is our new president-elect, despite the fact the election has not been decided. It now appears Biden himself is getting in on the act.

On Monday, November 9, advisor Ben Rhodes said Joe Biden is already communicating with foreign leaders to discuss policy during an MSNBC interview. However, some analysts have proposed that such activity might be prohibited under the Logan Act.

The Logan act makes criminal any unapproved negotiations by a US citizen with a foreign authority. This means that, if Joe Biden has been communicating with international leaders on the back of an apparent presidential mandate, he could be in violation of the law.

It should no longer come as a surprise when Democrats ignore facts to achieve their goals. However, when the act of ignoring is against the law, they shouldn’t be able to do so with impunity. The authorities need to investigate this potential transgression.

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