Jeanine: “Don’t You Dare Ask Us to Just Accept It”


( – Our most recent election has divided opinion to a greater extent than any other in living memory. Initially, people could not agree on who to vote for; now they’re arguing about whether we should accept the stated results.

Unsurprisingly, the Liberal media has told us we should not question the outcome they’ve presented us with, despite the valid concerns that have been raised. Not everyone is toeing this line, however. On Saturday, November 14, Judge Jeanine Pirro strongly condemned the media narrative during an interview on Fox News.

Pirro dismissed the idea that we should just “accept [Trump] lost and move on.” She pointed to the fact the electoral system had to change radically because of COVID-19, and that this had created opportunities for potential fraud.

Pirro acknowledged a review of the election might not unearth anything sufficient to change the outcome of the vote. She insisted, however, that examining ballots was a necessary and legitimate step.

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