IRS Whistleblower Gives Jaw Dropping Answer

( – A second IRS informant, who had previously made headlines as “Whistleblower X,” finally revealed his identity at a House committee proceeding after lawmakers pressed him to go public. His testimony offered startling allegations about the inner workings of the American justice system, especially when investigating President Joe Biden’s close family members. The agent recently sat down with CBS’ Catherine Herridge, and his answer to a question about the US leader’s connections to his son’s business affairs has many raising eyebrows.

Special Agent Joseph Ziegler alleges the IRS had plenty of evidence to move forward with criminal charges against Hunter Biden, according to CBS News, but the administration placed too many roadblocks in its way. Agents uncovered numerous instances where the president’s son claimed business deductions for personal goods and services, citing his children’s college tuition, escort payments, and expensive hotel stays as just a few examples. Ziegler claims numerous officials wanted to charge the younger Biden with felony and misdemeanor counts, but their hands were tied.

Herridge shared clips of the interview with Zeigler on Twitter. Most notable was the agent’s response to her questioning whether the IRS had evidence that Joe Biden had been involved in his son’s business schemes: “I don’t feel comfortable answering that question.” He explained that any investigation involving the president’s family became mired in red tape, hindered by an excessive approvals process, and it would ultimately get thrown “on the back burner.”

Gary Shapley, Zeigler’s supervisor, came forward as the IRS’ initial whistleblower according to The New York Times. The two have corroborated one another’s accounts, highlighting what Shapley calls “a two-track justice system” that favors elites such as the First Family. He claims agents were specifically told “they should not ask about President Biden.”

The Justice Department reached a plea deal with Hunter Biden on June 18, reducing his charges to misdemeanors and allowing him to avoid prison time.

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