Iran Tells Biden to Join Failed Nuclear Deal

Iran Tells Biden to Join Failed Nuclear Deal

( – Despite attracting fierce criticism at the time, former President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran in 2018 was clearly the right one. Now that President Joe Biden is in the hot seat, speculation about how he plans to deal with the Middle Eastern nation’s nuclear aspirations is swirling.

On Monday, March 15, Iran’s foreign minister urged the US to rejoin the nuclear deal soon, stating that upcoming elections in Iran could impede progress in negotiations. Mohammad Javad Zarif made these comments during an online think-tank conference based in Brussels. He warned that a “lame duck government” would struggle to achieve “anything serious” with regard to nuclear talks.

Analysts have expressed skepticism at Zarif’s remarks. As Iran expert Jason Brodsky notes in the tweet below, he’s likely trying to create a false sense of urgency in the White House in order to force action.

Joe Biden became president at a uniquely challenging time in US history. However, his response to the issue of Iran’s nuclear program may end up defining his tenure.

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