Insider Reports Say Biden May Not Run in 2024

Insider Reports Say Biden May Not Run in 2024

( – President Joe Biden has had a disastrous few months. Many analysts blamed him directly for the crisis created by the rapid military withdrawal from Afghanistan, for his impositions of broad unrelenting mandates and for the potentially serious inflation problem now brewing. Voters are clearly aware of these issues. The president’s approval rating has slid to a mere 37%, according to the latest Quinnipiac poll.

However, this might not matter too much to Biden if he simply decides not to run. Former US Senator Chris Dodd (D-CN), who was close to Biden during his career, recently told the New York Times that Biden may not seek a second term in the Oval Office. If the president does not go for re-election, Dodd believes, Vice President Kamala Harris would certainly be on the Democratic shortlist to run for president.

Biden himself has stated he does, in fact, want to run again in 2024. However, analysts have been pouring scorn on this idea since he entered the White House, and even before. Biden would be in his mid-eighties if he managed to stay in office through a second term. Not only will his age be against him, but he’ll also likely be challenged severely by the demands of the office based on the impression that he frequently looks unfit even now.

What do you think? Might the president decide to bow out after his first term?

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