Illinois Governor Goes After NRA Online

Illinois Governor Goes After NRA Online

Governor Bares His TEETH at NRA – He’s Furious!

( – Over the July 4 weekend, the community of Highland Park, Illinois, became the latest to be devastated by a mass shooting event. A lone shooter using a high-powered rifle took aim at participants in a holiday parade, killing at least seven and injuring dozens of others. The National Rifle Association (NRA) tweeted in the wake of the disaster, but the governor of Illinois didn’t take kindly to the message.

The NRA posted the message below, highlighting a statistic indicating that the vast majority of mass shootings over the last seven decades have taken place in gun-free zones. The tweet was published on July 6, but it did not make any direct reference to what happened in Highland Park.

However, that didn’t stop Illinois Governor JB Pritzker (D) from responding. In an angry retort, he said “100% of mass public shootings happen with guns” and that the NRA should “leave us” alone.

This wasn’t the only statement the Illinois governor made in the wake of the shooting. Directly after it happened on July 4, Pritzker gave a press conference during which he described mass shootings as a “plague.” He also promised the perpetrator of the crime would be “brought to justice.”

How do you feel about Pritzker’s response to the NRA?

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