Human Traffickers at the Border Making Millions of Dollars a Day

Human Traffickers at the Border Making Millions of Dollars a Day

( – Because of the Biden administration’s liberal immigration policies, growing numbers of Central American migrants are attempting to enter the US. There’s another downside, though. The situation is creating new opportunities for those involved in the human trafficking industry.

Border Patrol sources estimated trafficking groups bringing migrants across the border earned an average of $14 million per day during the month of February. The staggering sums these criminals take in allow them to bribe police and government officials in Central America, ensuring their operations remain secure and profitable.

Though Joe Biden and his team refuse to acknowledge this as a crisis, and insist any issues that do exist should be blamed on Trump-era policies, many Republicans aren’t buying it. The House Judiciary GOP offered a firm rebuke of the Democrats’ line of argument via Twitter on Friday, March 19.

Trafficking involves horrific abuses of human dignity. The Biden administration needs to start being realistic about the effects its liberal immigration regime is having on everyone, including immigrants, opportunistic criminals, US taxpayers, and Americans in general due to the potential spread of COVID-19. If Biden really cared about the atrocities, he and his administration would act accordingly.

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