Hong Kong Introduces Mandatory Loyalty Pledge for Politicians

Hong Kong Introduces Mandatory Loyalty Pledge for Politicians

(RepublicanReport.com) – The political situation in Hong Kong has been occupying headlines since the middle of 2019. While the city has legislative autonomy, it’s still ultimately ruled by the oppressive Chinese Communist Party (CCP) regime. Pro-democracy protesters have been pushing for greater independence from China, but the CCP has endeavored to suppress this movement.

There was a new development in the story this week. On Tuesday, February 23, Reuters reported that the Hong Kong government intends to introduce legislation that would require district council members to pledge allegiance to Hong Kong’s mini-constitution. This essentially amounts to a statement of loyalty to the CCP.

District council members do not hold any serious legislative powers. However, the council is currently comprised of almost 90% pro-democracy members, who would be disqualified under the new rules. These measures could therefore be devastating if applied to more senior ruling bodies.

According to Eric Tsang, Hong Kong’s Secretary for Mainland and Constitutional Affairs, “patriotism” will be a prerequisite for council members now. His definition of patriotism has no room for those who “do not love the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party.” Alarmingly, democracy and patriotism appear to be entirely incompatible as far as the CCP is concerned.

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