Health Official Charged With Possessing Inappropriate Content

Health Official Charged With Possessing Inappropriate Content

Child CRIME Scandal – Government Official Arrested

( – We typically want to be able to place trust in our government officials — especially those who are suppose to serve children. Unfortunately, as we’ve seen time and again over the years, many of these individuals are wholly unworthy of this trust. Recently, a health official in the state of Rhode Island received criminal charges over his alleged possession of inappropriate material.

The Rhode Island State Police have arrested a South Kingstown man named Jeffrey Hill (46) on one count of possession of child pornography and one count of possession of child erotica. Hill works for the state’s Department of Health and previously ran a program related to child harm prevention.

The Violence and Injury Prevention Program, of which Hill was previously the director, addresses a wide range of injury risks facing young people. It provides information and other resources to local organizations and policymakers aiming to keep children safe from things like neglect, partner violence, suicide, sexual violence, motor vehicle accidents, and sports injuries.

While Hill is currently on administrative leave from his government position, it’s unknown whether the department plans to dismiss him permanently. Annemarie Beardsworth, a representative of the organization, told the Boston Globe she could not comment on the case because it was a “pending legal and HR matter.”

Hill was released on bail following his arraignment. He’s scheduled to appear in court once again in September.

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