Harvard Program Director Found to Have Ties With Jeffrey Epstein

Harvard Program Director Found to Have Ties With Jeffrey Epstein

(RepublicanReport.com) – Since the full extent of Jeffrey Epstein’s crimes became public knowledge in 2019, several links between the disgraced financier and high-profile society members have been highlighted. Because Epstein was a well-connected billionaire, being acquainted with him doesn’t necessarily indicate involvement in his wrongdoing. However, it’s still an association most people would rather downplay at this point — especially if they’re caught breaking rules to help him out.

The latest Epstein connection to enter the spotlight is a Harvard professor. On Thursday, March 25, the Ivy League giant announced that Martin Nowak, who served as the director of the evolutionary dynamics program, will face sanctions for his ties with Epstein between 2010 and 2018. Nowak reportedly violated school policies by giving Epstein an office on campus during this time, which he used on about 40 occasions.

Epstein was a Harvard benefactor and had donated $6.5 million to Nowak’s academic program to assist with its launch.

While Nowak will continue teaching at Harvard, he won’t be allowed to undertake new research or advise students for two years. He has spent the last year on suspension after a university review uncovered the extent of his policy violations related to Epstein, which had not previously been known.

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