Haley Says the “Fellas” Have Been “Demonizing” Abortion Issue

(RepublicanReport.org) – There’s no doubt that abortion will be a big issue going into the 2024 election cycle. Americans on both sides want to know where candidates stand on several issues, including that one. For some, it will be the deciding factor on who they choose to vote into the White House and other political positions next year. Recently, GOP candidate Nikki Haley relayed her opinion on the matter.

On September 20, the former South Carolina governor spoke at St. Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire, where she committed to signing a federal ban on abortion if she becomes president. However, she said the women’s rights issue was a sensitive topic that “fellas” running against her were approaching incorrectly. Haley accused her opponents of “demonizing” the issue, and it’s time to “start treating” the topic in a different way.

The candidate said every woman’s story is different, and although she is “unapologetically pro-life,” she also doesn’t judge others for their pro-choice stance. Haley said the reason she’s pro-life is because her “husband is adopted” and she had difficulty getting pregnant herself. The former state leader admitted that the prospect of a nationwide ban is unlikely. In order to pass something like that, Republicans would need a supermajority in Congress and that hasn’t happened in over a century.

In light of that, Haley suggested finding a consensus. She asked if Americans could start by agreeing that “later-term abortions” were unacceptable, adoptions should be encouraged, medical personnel shouldn’t have to perform the procedure if they don’t want to, and women shouldn’t go the jail or be put to death for having an abortion. The candidate said, “We have to humanize this issue,” support moms, and “save as many babies” as possible.

According to a recent poll, Haley has 12% support for the GOP nomination, 27 points behind former President Donald Trump.

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