Gun Sales Increase By Nearly 80% in January

Gun Sales Increase By Nearly 80% in January

( – Joe Biden’s presidency has signaled a huge shift in the White House administration. Donald Trump was a president who prioritized American interests and traditional values. From Biden, we can expect a much more liberal agenda.

On Thursday, February 4, a Washington Post report stated that the month of January saw another huge month for firearms vendors. Sales increased about 80% compared to January 2020; over two million weapons were sold in January 2021.

One analyst, Small Arms Analytics and Forecasting Chief Economist Jurgen Brauer, has suggested that the latest spike in sales could be due to the uncertainty surrounding the new White House Administration.

Given the tumultuous state we currently find ourselves in, it’s not surprising that more people are choosing to arm themselves. As long as the proper safeguards are in place, it shouldn’t be any cause for concern; American citizens have the constitutional right to protect themselves by owning weapons.

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