Governor DEPLOYS Troops – Orders Given!

Governor Deploys National Guard

Governor Deploys National Guard

( – The crisis on the US/Mexico border has developed to a point at which states across the country are starting to sit up and take notice. While leaders in border states like Arizona and Texas have been dealing with immigration issues since the onset of the Biden Administration, those in other areas are now concerned as well. New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu (R) is among them; he just deployed two of his state’s National Guard units to the southwest border.

Gov. Sununu officially confirmed this in an address at the New Hampshire National Guard Deployment event on Monday, October 3. He paid tribute to the “heroic” individuals who serve with the agency, and said some of New Hampshire’s service members would travel to the border to help address the “humanitarian crisis” there.

The measure will see a total of around 164 personnel from two units of the New Hampshire National Guard working in an area that extends to the Gulf of Mexico for around a year. The operatives will not be authorized to interact with border crossers directly.

Speaking to local media, the governor said this move will directly benefit the citizens of New Hampshire by working against the growing trend of drug and human trafficking due to border security issues.

Do you think more state leaders should follow Chris Sununu’s lead to help offset the immigration issues in the southwest?

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