Governor Calls for Special Session for Border Crisis

Governor Calls for

( – Legislatures at the state and national levels must work together to pass bills that a majority of lawmakers can agree on. When this doesn’t happen, it leaves issues unresolved, while leaders attempt to rally them back together towards bipartisan agreements. Just hours after the Texas legislature ended its spring session, Governor Greg Abbott (R) called them back for a special session to address two major issues facing citizens in the Lone Star state.

Late in the day on Monday, May 29, Governor Abbott announced that a special legislative session would begin at 9 p.m. that night for lawmakers to address minimizing property taxes and strengthening border security. He emphasized that with the latter agenda item, he wants lawmakers to focus on added punishments for criminals smuggling and stashing humans. He noted that this will be the first of many in the coming weeks, acknowledging that while there have been “major achievements, more must be done for the people of Texas.”

These special sessions will be in addition to the one already scheduled with the Texas Senate for the impeachment trial of Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) beginning no later than August 28. Abbott also listed numerous other laws he wanted to sign, including those restricting doctors from performing “life-altering gender mutilation” and boosting school security. He wants to strengthen the state’s power grid, allow prosecutors to classify deaths by fentanyl as murder, and label Mexican drug cartels as terrorist organizations.

Abbott and the Texas legislature certainly have a busy summer ahead as they work together to pass more bills to better the lives of those in Texas. However, will lawmakers be able to agree on all of these laws? In addition, if the governor signs these bills, will the state truly become a better place to live, or will it just be placing a bandaid on a bigger issue?

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