Governor Abbott Raises Monetary Award for Those Who Report Stash Houses

Governor Abbott Raises Monetary Award for Those Who Report Stash Houses

Abbott Takes the War on Drugs & Smuggling Up a Notch – GENIUS Idea

( – President Joe Biden has attracted a lot of criticism for his failure to secure the border from illegal immigration and drug trafficking. Many of the complaints have come from leaders in border states, who have had to address the consequences directly. Recently, Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) took action he hopes will deter criminals in his state.

The executive action, which was announced on Wednesday, August 31, will boost the reward to $5,000 for tips leading to stash-house busts. These include motel rooms, trailers, rented residences, and trailers that coyotes — those who smuggle and traffic illegal immigrants into the country — use as accommodation for migrants they bring across the border. It also lists storage facilities used for narcotics, weapons, and other types of contraband.

In the statement revealing the new policy, Abbott slammed Joe Biden’s “dangerous open border policies,” stating it was up to Texas’ citizens to protect themselves from nefarious cross-border activities because they couldn’t depend on the president to do the job.

This is the latest in a string of moves Governor Abbott has made under Operation Lone Star, a program aiming to combat illegal immigration and related crimes that the governor initiated in March of last year.

Do you think Abbott’s new policy will have the desired effect? Should other states follow his lead?

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