GOP SURGES In New Poll – 5 Point Lead!

GOP Has Big Advantage According to New Poll

GOP Has Big Advantage According to New Poll

( – November 8 is drawing ever closer, and it looks like there will be razor-thin margins in many of the key races that will dictate who controls Congress next year. A new poll conducted by SSRS and published by CNN indicates the GOP has the edge in a lot of the key battlegrounds.

While respondents were more likely to pick Democrats overall, Republicans have the edge in the crucial battleground states. The study shows that 48% of voters in competitive districts plan to vote Republican, while just 43% of respondents in those districts are likely to pick a Democrat. Additionally, 32% of respondents stated Republican candidates have a clear plan for addressing national issues, compared to 28% who said the same about the Left.

Furthermore, motivation to vote is higher among Republican voters, both in contested districts and nationwide. Just 45% of Democratic voters in competitive areas are highly motivated to vote, while that number is 55% for Republicans.

Four states gearing up for close Senate races are Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, and Wisconsin. Also, in the House of Representatives, estimates suggest twice as many incumbent Democrats are in danger of losing their seats as Republicans.

Do you think Republicans will regain control of Congress after next month’s midterm elections?

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