GOP SHOCKER – 10 Point Swing Reported!

10-Point Swing Puts GOP Hopes High

10-Point Swing Puts GOP Hopes High

( – With midterms around the corner, Democrats face their typical nemesis: messaging. While Republicans pound on President Joe Biden’s performance on inflation, crime, and immigration, the Left pines away about obscure social issues that don’t qualify as important enough to the American people. According to Monmouth University, the lack of a cohesive platform isn’t sitting well with the US public.

On October 3, the school released a poll revealing a 10-point swing in the GOP’s favor from just a month ago. At that time, data showed the Democrats with an edge. Unfortunately, Biden decided to hit the airwaves and attack “MAGA Republicans,” a move Independents found in poor taste and divisive. While Biden isn’t on the November ballot, his party certainly is. If Monmouth’s research is any indication, his aggressive tactics have definitely backfired.

As for Republicans, they continue to campaign heavily on the issues Americans care about. The poll lists inflation, crime, elections and voting, jobs and unemployment, and immigration as the top five voter concerns. Social issues Democrats typically rally around came further down the list.

Biden’s scores are abysmal. The only area he comes in with a net zero, meaning similar approval to disapproval, is handling the COVID-19 pandemic, an issue extremely low on America’s list of current priorities. On major election issues such as inflation, crime, and immigration, the president can’t top 32%.

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