GOP Senator Says It’s Time for Troops to Go Home

GOP Senator Says It's Time for Troops to Go Home

( – The violent protest in Washington, DC, on January 6 has given rise to a massive divide across the country over the last few weeks. One example of this is the fact National Guard troops are still stationed outside the Capitol Building, despite some leaders suggesting that there is ongoing threat to the building or those inside.

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) spoke out against this on Tuesday, February 16. He appeared on Fox News to address the calls from some Democrats to tear down the sections of the southern border wall that were constructed while Trump was the president. Cotton scoffed at this suggestion, calling it the “height of insanity.”

Comparing it to the situation at the Capitol, he said “walls work.” The difference, he explained, was that no serious threat currently exists at the Capitol Building. He said that the threat at the southern border, on the other hand, justifies the presence of a border wall.

According to Fox News, reports have emerged which suggest both the wall and the National Guard presence at the Capitol could remain until the fall. Cotton dismissed this idea as misguided, claiming there wasn’t even a justification for having those resources there now, much less keeping them there for several more months.

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