GOP Leader Walks Away From YouTube Due to Censorship

GOP Leader Walks Away From YouTube Due to Censorship

( – The conversation around Big Tech censorship has been one of the most contentious in our political landscape since former President Donald Trump was banned from both Twitter and Facebook. Established giants of the industry can apparently censor or blacklist whomever they please. However, competitors who allow free expression continue to emerge.

On Thursday, April 15, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) posted his first video on Rumble, a streaming service that aims to compete with the heavily-censored YouTube. DeSantis made the decision to join Rumble after YouTube, a Google subsidiary, removed videos in which he and others discussed the risks associated with lockdowns.

DeSantis slammed the decision to remove that content during a video conference call last Monday. He criticized Google and YouTube directly, dubbing them “censors in service of the ruling elite.”

Many conservatives feel Big Tech is restricting content that does not fit its business model. The problem is that its model squelches the free speech of approximately half the country. If ordinary people actively seek to use platforms that support free speech, perhaps major players will have no choice but to change their business approach.

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