GOP Lawmakers Push for Election Reform

GOP Lawmakers Push for Election Reform

( – Joe Biden has become the President of the United States, despite the lingering doubt over the way in which he achieved his election victory. While legal attempts to have the results reviewed have not worked, Republican lawmakers are determined not to let the mistakes of the past happen again. State GOP representatives across the country have embarked on a path toward the reform of election systems.

On Monday, January 25, CBS released a report on various efforts by state legislatures to have their laws around voting changed. One such state is Pennsylvania. Lawmakers there have introduced a bill that would change the rules around mail-in voting. They’re also set to review a wide range of current voting procedures with a view to changing them.

Georgia, a state around which there was much discussion of voter fraud, is also set to review some electoral laws. No-excuse absentee voting, a practice allowed under Georgia law up to now, could be set to end. Lawmakers may also discontinue the use of ballot boxes and introduce a photo ID requirement for absentee voting.

We’ll likely never know the full story of the 2020 presidential election. However, if we learn anything from the uncertainty surrounding the vote, it’s that we need secure, transparent voting policies. The laws under consideration here would go a long way toward achieving this objective.

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