Google Just Put AI In Users’ Email Accounts

Google Just Put AI In Users' Email Accounts

( – While Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been around for years, its popularity and usage have skyrocketed since the start of this year. With this increased attention has come the rise of job and privacy concerns as people see the technology taking over tasks that companies once paid real people to do. AI also pulls its facts and figures from various sources, such as internet web pages. However, Google just announced that it is integrating AI into its popular Gmail mobile application, and it’s causing quite a stir.

Google Asks Artificial Intelligence to Read Your Emails

On Friday, June 2, Google posted an update on its blog highlighting a new change “to improve the search experience.” The Big Tech company allows its AI tools to read “the search term, most recent emails and other relevant factors to show you the results that best match” a given query. The results gathered by the machine learning model will be showcased at the top in their own section. Google began its rollout of this new feature on June 2.

Many people were alarmed that Google is allowing its artificial technology to scan their emails, but this isn’t the first time such issues and questions have been raised. Back in May, a Twitter user asked Bard, an AI chatbot owned by Google, what data it was trained on. In its response, it admitted that it gets some data from Gmail, although Google denied that claim.

Does AI Manipulate People?

Numerous experts have recently spoken with The Epoch Times about AI and its ability to manipulate people’s emotions and actions. US Representative Jay Obernolte (R-CA) told the outlet that the technology has an “uncanny ability to pierce through personal digital privacy.” He expressed his concern about the government using AI to build a surveillance system on its citizens similar to the one the Chinese Communist Party has built.

In a different interview, music expert Peter Tregear told The Epoch Times that music created by AI could actually encourage people to buy more things. The scary part, he noted, is that people are “not aware of it,” making it extremely “manipulative.” Political psychologist Ethan Busby also told the outlet that AI can analyze a person’s profile and quickly predict who they will vote for and other choices.

Judging by recent revelations, AI can clearly collect large amounts of data on people, and it is just getting started. If this technology is allowed to continue untethered, what else should Americans be concerned about?

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